The following documents have been disclosed under the United States Freedom of Information Act. The material's subject is: “Army Regulation 15-6 Investigation into Circumstances Surrounding the 22 August 2010 Partnered Operation in Tirgiran Village, Afghanistan Possibly Resulting in CIVCAS”.  This includes:

  • AR 15-6 Investigation Report CIVCAS, Tigiran Village, 22 Aug 2010
  • Storyboard – OP BURNHAM – JD
  • Storyboard – OP BURNHAM BDA-JD
  • Storyboard MC-12_Freedom11
  • Storyboard MC012-Freedom17

Read the full text here [PDF, 5.9 MB].

The video clips referenced in the report have not been published. Minute No 18 sets out the Inquiry's reasons for this.  

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