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 List of common acronyms

Term Definition

AC-130 Lockheed Spectre gunship

AH-64 Boeing Apache attack helicopter

ANP Afghan National Police

AR 15-6 United States Army Regulation 15-6

CDF Chief of Defence Force

CH-47 Boeing Chinook heavy lift helicopter

CIVCAS Civilian casualties

COIN Counter-insurgency

CONOP Concept of Operations

CRU Crisis Response Unit of the Afghan Ministry of the Interior

DSO Director of Special Operations

EOD Explosive ordnance disposal

GCSB Government Communications Security Bureau

HLZ Helicopter landing zone

IAT Incident Assessment Team

IAW In Accordance With

ICC International Criminal Court

ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

IED Improvised explosive device

IGIS Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

IHL International Humanitarian Law

IHRL International Human Rights Law

ISAF International Security Assistance Force

ISR Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

JPEL Joint Prioritised Effects List

JTAC Joint Tactical Air Controller

MINDEF Minister of Defence

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NDS National Directorate of Security

NZBORA New Zealand Bill of Rights Act

NZDF New Zealand Defence Force

NZPRT New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team

NZSAS New Zealand Special Air Service

NZSIS New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

PSR Protective Security Requirements

RC Regional Command

ROE Rules of engagement

RPG Rocket propelled grenade

SNO Senior National Officer

SOF Special Operations Forces

TF81 NZSAS Task Force 81

UNAMA United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

USFOR-A United States Forces – Afghanistan

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