This summary is provided to assist in the understanding of the Inquiry’s proceedings but does not constitute the official record. The full Minute is available at the link below.

This Minute provides a brief record of a matter that arose before the public hearings in September/October 2019 into the “cover-up” allegations made in Hit & Run. One particular classified document, the Incident Assessment Team Executive Summary (the IAT executive summary), was important to several of the issues identified for that hearing. This Minute describes the attempts to have the IAT executive summary declassified or accessible in some other form ahead of the September hearing. It also describes how NATO gave permission in late March 2020 for the Inquiry to make a redacted version of the relevant paragraph from the IAT executive summary publicly available. This allowed the Inquiry to quote from and discuss the relevant paragraph in its report.

Read the full text here. [PDF, 338 KB]

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