This summary is provided to assist in the understanding of the Inquiry’s proceedings but does not constitute the official record. The full Minute is available at the link below.

This Minute sets out the Inquiry’s processes for dealing with classified information. It also discusses the current view of the type of process that the Inquiry should adopt, bearing in mind it is an inquiry and not a court proceeding.

Read the full text here [PDF, 2.4 MB]


Submissions on Minute No 4

25 September 2018 New Zealand Defence Force [PDF, 303 KB]

05 October 2018 New Zealand Defence Force [PDF, 224 KB]

21 November 2018 New Zealand Defence Force [PDF, 293 KB]

05 October 2018 Nicky Hager [PDF, 88 KB]

15 October 2018 Nicky Hager [PDF, 179 KB]

07 November 2018 Nicky Hager [PDF, 61 KB]

21 November Nicky Hager [PDF, 91 KB]

05 October 2018 Jon Stephenson [PDF, 5.3 MB]

21 November 2018 Jon Stephenson [PDF, 94 KB]

05 October 2018 Former residents of Khak Khuday Dad and Naik villages [PDF, 1.1 MB]

05 October 2018 New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, Government Communications Security Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet [PDF, 291 KB]

23 November 2018 The Crown [PDF, 252 KB]

03 October 2018 Counsel for the Hon. Dr Wayne Mapp Minute No 4 [PDF, 279 KB]

04 October 2018 Hazel Armstrong Law [PDF, 82 KB]

20 November 2018 Hazel Armstrong Law [PDF, 313 KB]

22 November 2018 Hazel Armstrong Law  [PDF, 239 KB]

05 October 2018 NZME Publishing Limited, Stuff Limited, Television New Zealand Limited, Mediaworks Holdings Limited, Radio New Zealand Limited and Bauer Media Group [PDF, 923 KB]

21 November 2018 Counsel Assisting for Hearing on 21-22 November [PDF, 896 KB]

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